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GCSE invites you to get involved and help span the boundaries between science and decision-making.

Consider joining our engaged and growing global member community to benefit from the full range of GCSE programs. Membership allows you to connect with fellow leaders in the field, cultivate research collaborations and funding opportunities, and engage across science and decision-making at all levels of governments and multilateral institutions. Learn more.

Background of people working together, the text- GCSE Communities of PracticeGCSE members can lead and participate in field-specific GCSE Communities of Practice (CoPs) to support and amplify education, research, solutions, and analysis from higher education institutions. CoPs include:

Sustainability EducationGCSE's Sustainability in Higher Education program aims to provide dynamic, context-sensitive guidance for a diversity of programs.


A picture of space and a satellite with the text GCSE NASA Science as Actionable KnowledgeIn partnership with NASA, GCSE led the Science as Actionable Knowledge pilot program, which supported a cohort of researchers as they pursue applications-oriented scientific research, to enhance user uptake and use in decision-making.

Blue square with a white border and the text Environmentors and a microscope image.EnvironMentors is a science education and national college access program with a mission to mentor and motivate high school students from communities underrepresented in the sciences as they plan and conduct environmental research and acquire skills that will allow them to build careers and become more active stewards of their communities and the environment.

Plastic bottles in the background with the text "French-American Research Cohort on Plastic Pollution"Our work in addressing Plastic Pollution aims to identify and fill remaining knowledge gaps, and to produce actionable scientific knowledge to provide decision-makers with information that can inform, and potentially mitigate, the challenges of plastic pollution.