Global Youth Science Partnership


"You must unite behind the science. You must take action. You must do the impossible. Because giving up can never ever be an option."

 Greta Thunberg, 17 September 2019


The Opportunity

Since August 2018, citizens around the world have been inspired by young advocates to take climate action and support environmental justice. Climate change is center stage everywhere-- from boardrooms to classrooms and from city halls to international fora-- as advocates demand policy change, individual responsibility, and private-sector action. The Global Youth Science Partnership (GYSP) will bring together youth citizens with scientists across all disciplines to strengthen youth activism on complex global environmental and societal challenges with clear scientific evidence. The combination of activism and science will result in a more effective message, lasting influence, and more durable and rigorous evidence-based decision-making, policy, and actions.


Please note that the 2022 Cohort has now closed. Please consider applying for future cohorts.

The Power of Pairing

The Global Youth Science Partnership will connect youth and scientists around the world to strengthen activism and communication based on evidence, data, and analysis on issues ranging from climate change and biodiversity loss to natural resource scarcity and ecosystem health. Anticipated outcomes of these partnerships include: 

  • Expanded messaging and reach of scientists’ research;
  • More rigorous scientific information and deepened scientific understanding by youth activists;
  • Emergence of a resilient community of youth and scientists strengthened by shared priorities for attracting attention to and advancing action on complex social and environmental challenges; 
  • A global resource that serves decision- and policy-makers at all levels to support scientifically-informed actions  to effectively mitigate current environmental and societal challenges; and
  • More youth inspired to become scientists and conduct research through science-based online workshops and internships.


The Process

The Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) created GYSP to connect youth and scientists directly through a process that evaluates candidates’ interests, expertise, and location to ensure complementary interests (e.g., youth climate activists will be paired with climate scientists). Youth up to 25 years of age, and scientists from around the world are invited to apply using the Partnership Portal. Through a simple formula that mirrors digital matchmaking, two people will be connected directly and included in regular activities to ensure pairings are active and engaged. GYSP is a voluntary, no- cost opportunity with concrete benefits for all involved.

Commitments for participants include:

  • Participation in regular activities/meetings convened by GCSE
  • A minimum of one call or in-person meeting between partners per month
  • Regular accessibility via email, social media, texts

Optional opportunities include: 

  • Participating in the GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference with free registration
  • Co-creating of and/or participating in events from GCSE and partner organizations tailored to GYSP
  • Utilizing technical resources provided by GCSE and partner organizations
  • Collaborating and building community through the virtual Partnership hub

GCSE will review applications by both youth activist participants and scientific advisors to ensure qualifications and interests are aligned with the purpose of GYSP and that applicants commit to the minimum requirements for participation. GYSP is committed to being inclusive and accessible with a value for diversity in all its dimensions, including race, gender, religion, and age.

To learn more about GCSE and join our organization, click here.


Who Can Apply

Youth: Any young person up to the age of 25 with a strong mission statement and objectives to be an evidence-based activist may apply through the portal.

Scientists: any scientist who is published in the area they will be advising and has an advanced degree in a related field of study may apply to advise

GYSP does not discriminate and is inclusive of all interested individuals committed to advancing science-informed actions and decision making processes.


Terms and Benefits

This is a voluntary program. There is no cost to participate. Participants in GYSP will not receive any payment for their time. The benefits of GYSP will include stronger communications, activism, science, data, and analysis skills among youth and scientist participants and the power of human relationship that has historically proven to define outcomes and overcome challenges first thought insurmountable.


How to Participate

Visit the Global Youth Science Partnership Pairing Portal to apply. GCSE will work to match you as soon as possible and offer a facilitated program during the coming months that includes webinars, an online community, and technical resources for all Partnership participants.


Please note that the 2022 Cohort has now closed. Please consider applying for future cohorts.


For More Information

Please contact for questions and inquiries.