GCSE Commitment to Equity, Inclusion, Diversity, Justice, and Access

GCSE Oath To Be Anti-Racist and Inclusive Through Sustained Learning, Action, and Accountability


The Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE) acknowledges that regardless of one’s own race or ethnicity, individuals are at various points along an anti-racist journey. As an organization committed to becoming anti-racist and multicultural, GCSE will purposefully work to identify, discuss, and challenge issues of race, color, ethnicity, orientation, and the impact(s) they have on GCSE, its mission, its partner organizations, and its people. We accept this challenge as our continuous journey.

We explicitly and publicly affirm our identity as an anti-racist multicultural organization. We resolve to develop and work to implement strategies that dismantle racism within all aspects of our organization and society. We commit to recognize, address and oppose all forms of racism, injustice, oppression, intolerance, and hate.